Thursday, May 14, 2009

50mm Shots

hey all,

sori for the lack of updates,i noe i have a whole lotta pics!!! but today i update some 50mm shots k?my family got me a new 50mm lens for my b'day.its 50mm with f1.8 if i'm not mistaken.Been taking some test shots.i just gonna upload them k?a bit lazy to check the details...


Starbucks makes me happy

Moon light

Pretty Daisies

Pretty Clouds

Mummy & Grandma


Mummy & Daddy

Cuppacakes 1

Cuppacakes 2


Tarrant said...

Great portraits I must say. It's the strength of the large aperture, being able to isolate your subject from the background. However your still life photos feel a little weak in composition and focus, cupcakes especially. Might want to work on that.

I had to learn the hard way with my 50mm f/1.8 too, don't worry. ;]

Elle said...

i prefer portraits too,i'm more of a people and landscape person.I know the cuppacakes seems kinda odd,still playing around with the lens.