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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Linkies To Pics

hey all,sorry for the total lack of updates,even my own personal blog,i could barely update,i'll just chuck the links to my shots for events and my own experimental shots here k???

Behind the scenes of photoshoot
Day 2 Part 1
Day 2 Part 2
Day 1 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2
Day 1 Part 3

Rockaway 2009

Experimental 50mm Shots

Sam Cheh's Wedding

Digicolor DCIM Competition

SEGi UC Open Day Carnival 2009

C2AGE 2009

C2AGE Cosplayers

PIKOM PC Fair April 2009

Rockin' For The Environment Part 1

Rockin' For The Environment Part 2

Rockin' For The Environment Part 3

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 1

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 2

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 3

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 4

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 5

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 6

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 7

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 8

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 9

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 10

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 1

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 2

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 3

KLDW 4/4/09 Part 4

Media Talk

SEGi Subang Focad Showcase Part 1

SEGi Subang Focad Showcase Part 2

Youth 09

Comic Fiesta 2008 Part 1

Comic Fiesta 2008 Part 2

Comic Fiesta 2008 Part 3

Comic Fiesta 2008 Part 4

Comic Fiesta 2008 Part 5

Pearl's Photoshoot

Scenary@Captured Backgrounds Part 1

Scenary@Captured Backgrounds Part 2

TAS@BSC Farewell Show,22nd Feb 2009

DanceArt Christmas Party

Altered Frequency a.k.a Performance Shots

Day With The Kids


Please credit QLP Photography if you take any of the shots for your own usage[please link me back if you put them up on ur site or sumthin k? :)] and for your information,almost all shots before March 2009 was taken either by my phone's camera or an old Sony Cybershot Digi cam.Only in March 2009 did i get my Canon EOS 450D.Only in May 2009 did i get my Canon 50mm lens.Most shots are done with my standard lens.
Thank you to Steven Koh,The Boi,The Guy,Reno,Xajin,everyone who was willing to be photographed,Animangaki Committee,Jasmine Low of NOVApr & everyone else who contributed to these shots :) Thanks,hope you all like the pics :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

50mm Shots

hey all,

sori for the lack of updates,i noe i have a whole lotta pics!!! but today i update some 50mm shots k?my family got me a new 50mm lens for my b'day.its 50mm with f1.8 if i'm not mistaken.Been taking some test shots.i just gonna upload them k?a bit lazy to check the details...


Starbucks makes me happy

Moon light

Pretty Daisies

Pretty Clouds

Mummy & Grandma


Mummy & Daddy

Cuppacakes 1

Cuppacakes 2

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Portraits & Shots

hey all,

i'm gonna just post up a few pics to keep things going here.I don't think i said wat kind of cam i use yet.Just to let you know,i use a Canon EOS 450D with a18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens (ok,i copied that from Google,its the kit lens but IS means image stabilizer.)I'm not an expert at all about all the photo lingo and stuff.I'm still learning.Still an amateur but i hope to improve myself in time.i'm just uploading some pics of my own portraits which i took myself using a tripod and timer.The only lighting i used was an Ikea reading light with an adjustable head (i used shutter speed 1/60,aperture 4.5 and ISO 1600,I did coloured shots,monochrome shots and shots with flash as well) and some shots from a random quick photoshoot i did of my friend Pearl at her request.Its totally non-photoshopped.I prefer to keep things quite raw.

Black & White is my fav.I have better shots but they are in the other pc.

It turned out to be a very nice unintentional blur pic

Raw emotional shot

One thing about the shoot with Pearl is that she's a friend so she's comfy with me and allowed me to direct her as i wish but i let her be comfy and pose as she wants to as well.All the settings i did are stated at the pics.Only other setting i use was monochrome to give depth and emotion to some pics.We did indoor shots in a darkroom in a photography darkroom area with only my cam internal flash,only 1 shot i took of her with florescent light.Outdoor shots were with no flash,just the outdoor light.
This shot was done with me standing above her using shutter speed 1/60,aperture 8 and ISO 400.

I had the poor girl keep jumping but she was happy (done using aperture speed 1/200,aperture 8 and ISO 400

I love how she looked so peaceful in this pic (done using shutter speed 1/10,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Perfect album cover (she asked me for a random photoshoot for a cd cover design assignment.This was done using shutter speed 1/200,Aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Rocking out (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

I'll be very honest to say that this shot was not intentional because it was very dark in the room,i can't see her at all.I was relying on her voice to tell me where she was.Its one of those unintentional end up looking nice shot (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

i love how you could see the raw fun look in her face (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Stairs shot (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Jump shots are somewhat my trademark.I pass it on to Pearl.She's so rockstar in this pic.
(done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Such like a fashion shoot (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Normal shot (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 and ISO 1600)

Totally Relaxed (Done using shutter speed 1/4000,aperture 4 and ISO 1600)

Last shot that i wanna upload,This shot was done using shutter speed 1/4000,aperture 5.6 & ISO 1600.There are many more shots that i took but those that i upload are the ones i liked best.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello :)

hey all,

this is my photography blog.I shall use this blogs to showcase my best shots of events or my friends or just random shots of anythin.I'm not really good but keep trying to improve.Look out for pics soon :)