Thursday, April 16, 2009

Portraits & Shots

hey all,

i'm gonna just post up a few pics to keep things going here.I don't think i said wat kind of cam i use yet.Just to let you know,i use a Canon EOS 450D with a18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens (ok,i copied that from Google,its the kit lens but IS means image stabilizer.)I'm not an expert at all about all the photo lingo and stuff.I'm still learning.Still an amateur but i hope to improve myself in time.i'm just uploading some pics of my own portraits which i took myself using a tripod and timer.The only lighting i used was an Ikea reading light with an adjustable head (i used shutter speed 1/60,aperture 4.5 and ISO 1600,I did coloured shots,monochrome shots and shots with flash as well) and some shots from a random quick photoshoot i did of my friend Pearl at her request.Its totally non-photoshopped.I prefer to keep things quite raw.

Black & White is my fav.I have better shots but they are in the other pc.

It turned out to be a very nice unintentional blur pic

Raw emotional shot

One thing about the shoot with Pearl is that she's a friend so she's comfy with me and allowed me to direct her as i wish but i let her be comfy and pose as she wants to as well.All the settings i did are stated at the pics.Only other setting i use was monochrome to give depth and emotion to some pics.We did indoor shots in a darkroom in a photography darkroom area with only my cam internal flash,only 1 shot i took of her with florescent light.Outdoor shots were with no flash,just the outdoor light.
This shot was done with me standing above her using shutter speed 1/60,aperture 8 and ISO 400.

I had the poor girl keep jumping but she was happy (done using aperture speed 1/200,aperture 8 and ISO 400

I love how she looked so peaceful in this pic (done using shutter speed 1/10,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Perfect album cover (she asked me for a random photoshoot for a cd cover design assignment.This was done using shutter speed 1/200,Aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Rocking out (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

I'll be very honest to say that this shot was not intentional because it was very dark in the room,i can't see her at all.I was relying on her voice to tell me where she was.Its one of those unintentional end up looking nice shot (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

i love how you could see the raw fun look in her face (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Stairs shot (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Jump shots are somewhat my trademark.I pass it on to Pearl.She's so rockstar in this pic.
(done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Such like a fashion shoot (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 & ISO 1600)

Normal shot (done using shutter speed 1/200,aperture 22 and ISO 1600)

Totally Relaxed (Done using shutter speed 1/4000,aperture 4 and ISO 1600)

Last shot that i wanna upload,This shot was done using shutter speed 1/4000,aperture 5.6 & ISO 1600.There are many more shots that i took but those that i upload are the ones i liked best.

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Tarrant said...

I see we've lost another to Canon. :P

Nice attempts you've made, though I must say that accurate focussing is critical in many aspects of photography. Do keep that in mind.

Also, I've noticed that you've used small apertures (large f/numbers) and high ISO's on shots which it was totally unnecessary.

The aperture of a lens controls two things - one, the amount of light entering the sensor, and secondly, the depth of field of the lens, i.e. the amount of image that is in focus. A small aperture admits little light and thus forces you to use a high ISO which damages image quality. A small aperture also has a large depth of field, meaning your subject and everything behind/in front of her will be sharp, something you might not want when trying to isolate a subject from a busy background, which is crucial for portraiture.

ISO is another issue. ISO is basically how sensitive the sensor is to light, so the higher the ISO, the more sensitive it is. However, the higher the ISO, the worse the image quality. The 450D may have a good sensor, but it's not as clean as, lets say the 40D.

Shooting in the dark room is quite an interesting concept, but keep in mind that there is very little light to autofocus with and so on.

Also, the pop-up flash is a little harsh, you might want to consider a diffuser for it?

And also, might want to consider post-processing the colour shots for a little more pop!

Thats all I have to say for now, if you want to ask about anything else, I'm on FB or Gmail.

Elle said...

well,thanks for your comments,its interesting.I was going for the overexposed type of shot as the room was really dark.I'm more of a raw pics type of person.Photoshopping is really not my thing but thanks for your info,will keep it in mind.

Pearl ♀♫☼♪☺♣ said...

hi dear, c ur personal & photo blog... thanx 4 d photoshoot done so quick! atlest my last minute final project is done with satisfaction :)I too think these photos r the best among all the randomness. I wasn't dressed up, thanx 4 temporary letting me wear ur scarve & pants...hahaha. I know it's kinda our 1st time, so it's amateur still...hope all ur photos will get better and better! I wish to take great photos as well. If u want me to be included in ur future photoshoots let me know ok :)I'm also happy that I get some nice pics with u after all the years thinking I'm unphotogenic & hate taking shots. More improvements onwards for both of us! Wish u all the best in ur new hobby-work.

Elle said...

u'll always be the 1st model in my head other than me,hehehe (narcisistic me) i love the shots too.Hope you were satisfied with it.

Jessica Lee said...

She should dress a lil bit more nicely, and with make up since its for a project album cover. But nice try though. You should check out Boris's blog. He has really nice picture. Get some editing tips from him too :) See ya around Elle! Love.

Elle said...

thanks for your comment was a really quick random shoot so she was not really dressed for a shoot as we had a class canceled on that morning itself then we just went around shooting until my cam finished battery.I'm not much of an editing person.I prefer natural pics.Some editing is nice like b&w pics or to edit the brightness & contrast and saturation and put some effects but if to change ppl's face,i find it a bit unnatural.

mel@aiko said...

Pearl Oon?

Just dropping by, and wow, Pearl looks real good. =)

-Melinda Wong